Inclusive system

INCLUSIVE COLLECTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is developed for Museums and Cultural Heritage organizations, and is based on international museum standards. is a comfortably priced product compared with systems in the current market.

Cataloguing is made easy. All processes needed for loan, restoration, transport and storage, are available and provide a complete history of all actions executed.

All information related to each object inventoried can be connected easily. Linking of individual object or a group of objects to images, recordings, documents, library items, exhibitions and events is simply executed.
Pop-up windows explaining all functions make the registration and processing easy.
QUALITY makes use of a high-end Management System based on the CrossmarX repeatedly awarded software. systems was rated as one of the three best programs in the current market
The Cloud based system has proven its stabilitiy and flexibility since 2001, and is used by museums in the Netherlands, Russian Federation, Latin America, North America, India, and several European countries. Also private- and corporate- collectors from the top hundred list are among our renowned customers.
LATIN AMERICA system is distributed in Latin America and the Caribbean by the Instituto Latinoamericano de Museos. Read more at

How to start

Subcribe to the Free Trial

After receiving your subscription, we will send you a step by step manual.


Questions and proposals are communicated through the 24/7 'Support Tickets', available after login.

Please NOTE: All data uploaded during the test period are properly saved. Only on request they will be removed from the database.
Subscribers who wish to use the system after the free trial period will have all uploaded data available for private use.

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Generic solutions
Standard systems often demand specific features because of the variety of users. The ArchiveTech platform allows quick implementation of requirements proposed by its users.

If requirements are not generic, the specifications are implemented in the client system only.

You buy a perfect designed house, but you wish to change the kitchens' interior. The Team will adapt the standard system to the client specifications.

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