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Seventeen years of cooperation with representatives from the international museum environment have led to the present independent Collection Management Systems: & 

The standard inclusive systems - distributed by & - are now offered to cultural heritage institutions of all kind, either for direct use, or as a free trial version on the platform.
The platform functions as a Virtual Museum providing a free test environment for its subscribers.

Since a standard program often demands specific features for its variety of users, the CMS platform is meant to implement the terms of references of each individual user into the generic system.
By implementing input from the subscribers, the ultimate goal - a highest level of CMS - becomes directly available to all & clients. 

The free trial CMS opens in January 2018
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How it works is a Collection Management System (CMS), composed from previous projects initiated by the Foundation. The is a free trial version.

The order of work enables an extensive, step-by-step testing of each part that may be succeeded by comment, and valuable requests for relevant generic improvements.

Your Step-by-step work will be supported by our team 24/7 using the 'Support Tickets'.

1. Quick object registration

2. Adding extensive metadata

3. Upload related documents, AV, Creators database, etc.

4. Administrative part of each object by section: Conservation, Acquisition, Value & Insurance, inter alia.

5. Processes and workflow, such as Location monitor, loan process and transit control. 

6. Making online exhibitions, and scenario's for physical exhibitions using the collection database.


Questions and proposals are communicated through the 24/7 'Support Tickets', available after login.

Please NOTE: All data uploaded during the test period are properly saved. Only on request they will be removed from the database.
Subscribers who wish to use the system after the free trial period will have all uploaded data available for private use.
Account information: visit

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Generic solutions
'Support Tickets' are used to exchange ideas, proposals and requests for improvements.
If relevant and generic, improvements are made available to all users.
Standard systems often demand specific features because of the variety of users. The CMS platform is meant to implement and test the Terms of References of each individual user into the generic system.

Specific Terms of References (TOR)
If the TOR are not generic, the specifications are implemented in the client system only.

You buy a perfect designed house, but you wish to change the kitchens' interior. The Team will adapt the standard system to the client specifications.

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