CMS develop

CMS Project is a Virtual Museum for mutual development of a Collection Management System blueprint.

Cooperating participants are curators, registrars, exhibition designers and other interested parties. is an open free platform, offered as test environment for the member participants.
Members act as curator or registrar of the Virtual Museum.

The platform is initiated by the Foundation.

The project starts January 2018 

How it works does not start from scratch.
The platform is a Collection Management System (CMS), composed from previous projects.

The cooperation starts with the active use by the participants. Participants will make use of the platform by uploading objects from their own collection. Participants will get a private test account.

The order of work enables an extensive, step-by-step testing of each part, succeeded by comment, and valuable input for changes and upgrades. The objective is a dynamic evolving blueprint for Collection Management Systems.

Step-by-step working and testing

1. Quick object registration

2. Adding extensive metadata

3. Upload related documents, AV, Creators database, etc.

4. Testing the Administrative part of each object by section: Conservation, Acquisition, Value & Insurance, i.a.

5. Processes and workflow such as Location monitor, loan process and transit control.

6. Making online exhibitions, and scenario's for physical exhibitions using the collection database

Uploaded data are only visible for the identified participant and account owner. The account is free of charge.

Zonder titel - Ben Guntenaar Mass production

Development and cooperation

The issue tracker will be used to exchange ideas and make proposals for upgrades.
Proposed issues will be executed if relevant and generic, and be tested by the participants.


Share knowledge and build the best possible blueprint for Collection Management Systems.

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